04 September, 2011

This Sunday - Eleventh Sunday after Trinity (A) 2011

Matthew 18:15-20

This Sunday’s gospel focuses on the Church as a community that is built around Christ through prayer.
The Church is not a mere club for people who enjoy a one-to-one relationship with the Father. And so the two points highlighted today confront the Christian community on a daily basis; these are conflict resolution and common prayer.

Jesus suggests a method for settling disputes among believers which was known and used in the ancient world, but has been lost in our culture. It relies on the involvement of the entire Church in applying forgiveness as her guiding judicial principle.

Often forgiveness appears as a lofty idea which is very hard to put into practice. Jesus knows this weakness in our nature; He tells us that if we, as a community, were all agreed about asking for the strength to forgive those who has wronged us, he would be with us as we ask the Father in prayer. Moreover, He tells us that we would receive what we asked for.

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