04 December, 2011

This Sunday - Second Sunday of Advent (B) 2011

For the next two weeks our lectionary will focus on the figure of John the Baptist, and then move on to consider the Blessed Virgin Mary on the last Sunday of Advent. We see that in this season the Church rehearses at a great speed the history of salvation prior to the birth of Jesus.
John the Baptist and Mary condense in their lives the prophetic tradition and all the expectations of ancient Israel. They prepared the way for Jesus to come into the world and they prepare that way still, for Him to come into our hearts ever more deeply.
As every true prophet, John goes ahead of the pack to set an example and recall the people to walk in right track. Like every true saint, He has neither the full picture in front of him nor the need for it; rather, John trusts with all his heart in God’s plan, only knowing that the Saviour’s coming will fulfil our sense of longing, vastly surpassing every expectation.

...Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene; one step enough for me.

(B. John Henry Newman)

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