22 January, 2012

Prayers and Devotions before the Blessed Sacrament

Lord Jesus, we come to you with deep sorrow for our sins and for all those occasions in which we have failed to act justly.
We ask you forgiveness for all the times we have failed to love our brothers and sisters, for all the sins that divide us,
and for the times we have broken up the unity of your Church.
Forgive us, heal us, break us, shape us and mould us into Your life.
We come to you in faith; Lord, hear us!
  Lord, graciously hear us.

Lord Jesus, we bring before you the needs of your Church.

We pray especially for a greater unity amongst Christians in this land, that we may be true witnesses of your salvation and love.
At this time, we also bring before you our prayers for those who are suffering persecutions because of their faith in You,
particularly praying for Nigeria and the Middle Eastern countries.
We come to you in faith; Lord, hear us!

Lord Jesus, we pray for Christian leaders, pastors and ministers everywhere.

Help them to feed your people and to be faithful shepherds of your flock according to your example and your Sacred Heart.
We come to you in faith; Lord, hear us!

Lord Jesus, as we kneel before Your presence in this Sacrament, we bring to You our own personal prayers and devotions.

We come to you in faith; Lord, hear us!

Silence is kept. Then a prayer by John Henry Newman follows,

O most sacred, most loving heart of Jesus,
Thou art concealed in the Holy Eucharist, 
and Thou beatest for us still.
Now as then Thou sayest, "With desire I have desired."
I worship Thee, then, with all my best love and awe, 
with my fervent affection,
with my most subdued, most resolved will. 
O make my heart beat with Thy heart.
Purify it of all that is earthly, 
all that is proud and sensual, all that is hard and cruel,
of all perversity, of all disorder, of all deadness.
So fill it with Thee, that neither the events of the day 
nor the circumstances of the time
may have power to ruffle it; 
but that in Thy love and Thy fear it may have peace.

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