13 January, 2012

This Sunday - Second Sunday of Epiphany (B) 2012

Our Sunday reading presents us with the calls of Samuel and of Nathaniel. I don’t suppose many of us have been able to experience quite the same calls; hearing God’s voice as distinctly as when we speak to one-another. Indeed, even among the Saints very few of them could recount such an experience.

Yet, we believe in the same God who called Samuel and who became incarnate in Jesus Christ, going about calling disciples to Himself and interacting with humanity. God calls us in some way or another.

Perhaps we need to be encouraged in listening attentively to Him, as Eli did with Samuel; or perhaps we have come to faith in Jesus not expecting a personal relationship with Him, but just to sit back and enjoy the services.

Nonetheless, God calls us relentlessly through His Son and His Church. I order to hear His voice we must approach Him with reverence, openness to His will and faith in His name. What He’ll want us do is up to Him.

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