29 April, 2012

This Sunday - Fourth of Easter (B) 2012

We ought to lay down our lives for one another (1John 3:16) just as Jesus did for our sake.
This is the call that we hear this Sunday in our second reading, and this is the vocation God gives to every single one of us.
To keep a “Vocation Sunday” is to remember that we all receive a unique call from God to grow into the likeness of His Son Jesus Christ. Moreover, keeping a special Sunday to pray for vocations to the priesthood, reminds us that we ought to pray at all times to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest (Luke 10:2) who may tend His people with charity and in faith.
We need people to give their life wholly to God through the consecrated life, through the diaconate, but most especially, through the sacred priesthood.
Let us pray that more people would hear his call and would give their life in his service according to the pattern of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

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