12 August, 2012

This Sunday - Tenth after Trinity (B) 2012

This Sunday’s gospel (John 6:35, 41-51) presents us with the third of our four installments of John 6. To make up for lost time in the past weeks some verses have been cut out and I do encourage you to look them up in your own time as these set today’s debate between Jesus and “the Jews” in its right context.
I feel need to use inverted commas whenever talking about “the Jews” featured in the Fourth Gospel, because unfortunately this text has been used in past centuries as an anti-Semitic ideological weapon (not only so in pre-WWII Germany…)
So to clarify. When John talks about “Jews”, setting them in stark contraposition to Jesus, he is defining in this way all those who were/are opposed to Jesus, His gospel, and His Church. The evangelist is not condemning the Jewish faith, or our Jewish brothers and sisters per se; rather he is drawing a line between those who were part of the very Early Church and followed Jesus and those who actively persecuted the Gospel in every way.

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