22 February, 2013

It Gets Better. (Take 2)

Lovely photograph, disastrous mitre.
A couple of years ago, in the spring of 2011, I posted a short video of the Rt Rev'd Gene Robinson (then Bishop of New Hampshire, USA) filmed in support of the It Gets Better project. Later on in the same spring I felt under pressure to remove the video from AAB. I believed then, as I still believe now, that that was the wrong move for this blog. 

I do appreciate that a large section of the Anglican Church still feels uneasy with this issue - as it does with the ordination of women and a bunch of other things - however, I do not think that giving in is the right choice at all. So here is the video again, and another one besides.

Needles to say, I do not necessarily share exactly the same views as Bp Gene or the Rev'd Susan Russell on other matters, but their messages are incredibly important for our Church today.

For more information about the It Gets Better project log on to itgetsbetter.org

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