27 February, 2015

Winter Ember Days - ii

Second Winter Ember Day

Please pray for vocations to the diaconate and that more and more dioceses may be guided by the Holy Spirit to rediscover this distinctive ministry.

A prayer for vocations to the Diaconate - 

Eternal Father,
in your beloved Son Jesus Christ
you give us the perfect model of servanthood,
and from age to age you invite those you choose
       to follow in his footsteps.
Grant, we humbly pray, that more people may respond generously
to your call to service within your Church,
so that through their distinctive ministry of care and attention,
your holy people may be supported and nurtured
into the full stature of Christ.
May the shining examples of selfless love and the prayers
of the blessed deacons Stephen, Laurence, and Francis of Assisi
be pleasing to you and obtain for us more vocations.
We ask this, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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